Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sonia Di Placido reads Vulva Magic

Hot-Sauced Words is a Toronto poetry performance venue hosted by Poet James Dewar that has been flourishing since 2006, and showcasing a wide variety of poets, from well-established, award-winning poets to young, ambitious, upcoming poets.

Sonia Di Placido graduated from the Ryerson Theatre School (1996) and has worked as an actor, theatre director, drama coach, dramaturge and playwright in the UK and in Italy. She worked in the Tarragon Spring Arts Fair, performing in Romeo and Juliet under the Bathurst Street Bridge, as well as performing in two plays at the Annex Theatre.

She earned a post-graduate certificate in Magazine Publishing from Ryerson University, 2003, an Honours BA in Humanities from York University, 2006.

Her first chapbook of poetry, Vulva Magic, (2004) was published by LyricalMyracle Press. Her next chapbook of poems, Forest Primitive, was published with Aelous House Press in 2008.

Sonia is currently working on her Master of Fine Art in Creative Writing at UBC, and as a publicist for Canadian Scholars' Press/Sumach Press/Women's Press and Kellom Books.

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